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A man in an evening dress is sitting in a cage at the zoo (The Announcer). He says, "And now for something completely different."
In the cage beside him is The "It's" Man, who holds the bars while announcing:
after some silliness

The Announcer is still sitting in his cage "Well, that's all for now and so until next week." followed by a roar. The camera goes to the left and there is a shot of the skeleton of The "It's" Man.
In the far distance we see a man "running" over a hill. It's in fact NOT The "It's" Man, as it is Terry Jones in a construction made of a bike and wings attached to his back who is trying to get enough momentum to fly. After he crashes we see The Announcer at a desk on the beach (cluttered with people who have anded there on previous attempts to fly, for instance with two balloons) saying "And now for something completly different.", followed by a shot of The "It's" Man announcing:
after some silliness

A man (Gumby) is standing in water as he says, "I would put a tax on all people who stand in water." He looks around him and sees his surroundings, "Oh!", he continues.
A man in a bowler hat says, "To boost the British economy I'd tax all foreigners living abroad."
A man in a suit says, "I would tax the nude in my bed. No -- Not tax. What is the word? Oh - Welcome."
The "It's" Man says: A business man says, "Bring back hanging and go into rope."
Another business man says, "I would cut off the more disreputable parts of the body and use the space for playing fields."
A man wearing a cap (Uncle Ted) and who is standing in front of a holiday cottage, says, "I would tax holiday snaps."
The sound of a photocamera is heard before the next skit begins with this holliday snap.
A shot of The "It's" Man, saying:
After a Terry Gilliam animation of a man turning into a butterfly and The Announcer behind his desk with propellors, saying "And now for something completly different.", a shot of The "It's" Man, announcing:
A shot of The "It's" Man, saying:
A shot of The "It's" Man, saying:
While the song A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody is heard, the camera tracks past five gorgeous lovelies in bikinis, all in send-up provocative pin-up poses.
The sixth person in the pan is The Announcer at his desk also posing in a bikini, saying "And now for something completely different."
The "It's" Man, also in bikini, to close this beauty show, saying:
after some silliness...(the movie Scott of The Antarctic Sahara)

A shot of The "It's" Man, saying:
after some silliness...

A shot of The "It's" Man, saying:
after some silliness...

A shot of The "It's" Man, saying:

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