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The "It's" Man appeared also in the movie Monty Python's Life of Brian as Ben, the Ancient prisoner

The movie so far: a boy man called Brain is born, something happened and he is thrown in jail by the Romans because he was, together with the P.F.J., about to kidnap Pilate's wife, take her back, and issue demands...
  The sound of a whip
VOICE Hoo hoo hoo! Oh!
  Clank - whump
JAILER Eh, heh heh ha.
  The jailor spits
BRIAN Aah! Eh.
JAILER Eh, heh heh.
  The jailor coughs
BEN You lucky bastard.
BRIAN Who's that?
BEN You lucky, lucky bastard.
BEN Proper little jailer's pet, aren't we?
BRIAN What do you mean?
BEN You must have slipped him a few shekels, eh?
BRIAN Slipped him a few shekels? You saw him spit in my face!
BEN Ohh! What wouldn't I give to be spat at in the face!
I sometimes hang awake at night dreaming of being spat at in the face.
BRIAN Well, it's not exactly friendly, is it? They had me in manacles!
BEN Manacles! Ooh oooh oh oh. My idea of heaven is to be allowed to be put in manacles... just for a few hours. They must think the sun shines out o' your arse, sonny.
BRIAN Oh, lay off me. I've had a hard time!
BEN You've had a hard time?! I've been here five years! They only hung me the right way up yesterday! So, don't you come 'rou--
BRIAN All right. All right.
BEN They must think you're Lord God Almighty.
BRIAN What will they do to me?
BEN Oh, you'll probably get away with crucifixion.
BRIAN Crucifixion?!
BEN Yeah, first offence.
BRIAN Get away with crucifixion?! It's--
BEN Best thing the Romans ever did for us.
BRIAN What?!
BEN Oh, yeah. If we didn't have crucifixion, this country would be in a right bloody mess.
BRIAN Guards!
BEN Nail him up, I say!
BRIAN Guards!
BEN Nail some sense into him!
  The jailer coughs
JAILOR What do you want?
BRIAN I want you to move me to another cell.
  The jailer spits
BEN Oh, look at that! Bloody favouritism!
JAILER Shut up, you!
BEN Sorry!
  The jailer coughs
BEN Now, take my case. They hung me up here five years ago. Every night, they take me down for twenty minutes, then they hang me up again, which I regard as very fair, in view of what I done, and, if nothing else, it's taught me to respect the Romans, and it's taught me... that you'll never get anywhere in this life, unless you're prepared to do a fair day's work for a fair day's pay!
BRIAN Oh, shut up!
CENTURION Pilate wants to see you!
BRIAN Pilate? What does he want to see me for?
CENTURION I think he wants to know which way up you want to be crucified.
BEN Oh, ha ha ha haa! Ha haa! Nice one, Centurion. Like it. Like it.
BEN Right. Right. Terrific race, the Romans. Terrific.

After some silliness

When Brian is led to the crucifixion party, they pass the jail where Ben is hanging upside down behind the window

BEN You lucky bastards! You lucky, jammy bastards!
The "It's" Man's "lemon curry?" site is last updated on April 30th, 2004.